The Nokia phone is the official phone of the new James Bond movie
The Nokia phone is the official phone of the new James Bond movie

HMD, a global developer of Nokia mobile devices, announces that it is the official partner of James Bond (NO TIME TO DIE), which introduces the fifth generation of Nokia 5G smartphones during the film, and many future Nokia phones.

HMD revealed the new phone had appeared in a popular advertisement (Lashana Lynch Nome Agent) shortly before the film's release, saying that the news was part of the company's largest global marketing campaign. Need) to reinforce.

In the 90-second sale, we saw a preview of the Nokia device, which will be revealed later when we see the phone appear on rooftops in London, the rubble and St. Paul's Cathedral, and to achieve its secret mission, we have seen that Nome Star Agent (Lashana Lynch) Nome uses many phone functions The new smartphone.

"No Time to Die" features a series of Nokia mobile phones that are part of an integrated marketing campaign that will be available in cinemas, digital media, social media and outdoor advertising on March 8, and retail outlooks to mark International Women's Day.

During the show, the secret customer depended on the features of the new Nokia phones, including the first fifth-generation smartphone to be released at a UK movie theater on March 19 and November 2020. The movie "The Moment" was shown.

During the film screening, we will see Nokia phones in the future, the most famous of which is the Nokia 7.2, which includes a 48-megapixel 3D camera equipped with Quad-pixel technology and ZEISS Optics, in addition to the legendary Nokia 3310. This is well known and appreciated.

This partnership will help boost HMD, a global developer of Nokia mobile devices, as a global provider of smartphones running the Android operating system, and meets the expectations of the world's most demanding customers (MI6 customers). Safety, speed and innovation standards.

Speaking about his experience in a global HMD company that has grown for Nokia phones, Star Lazy Lynch, the star and special agent told Nomi: "The first phone I used was the Nokia 3210, 10 years ago, in the past my smartphone was in the nineties, and it had the advantage of changing buttons and face And games, and I love Snake, and since my childhood I have known the development of Nokia smartphones, so I am very happy about Nomi Client, which is a new smart phone for this unique logo.

She said: "I have always enjoyed exhibiting works of femininity and creativity. There is no doubt that the movement is woven in a creative and unusual way, which indicates that my sleep is a brave agent. A sense of humor" confronting the bad guys. "

"After announcing that the film will be postponed until November, we have an exciting year to prepare for this much awaited release. Some of the major imaging technologies are:" Joao Sarvikas "and a technology development center like" NO TIME "" Doom "improves performance and business appeal.

"Confidence, security and quality are the foundation of all Nokia phones. They reflect our values ​​and the values ​​contained in the movie" All Time "and the new agent, Nome, and we are working to make this cooperation proudly successful to contribute to the latest technologies for everyone."

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