YouTube launches a new tab in its app instead of  popular content
YouTube launches a new tab in its app instead of  popular content

YouTube announced on Thursday that the video tagging service "Trend Tags" has become the new Google name for apps on iOS and Android "Explore."

Similar to the previous page (popular content), the new page (Browse) displays popular videos in the geographic region where the user is currently browsing YouTube. However, it has the advantage of displaying content based on different categories, such as: games, music, beauty, and learning. The "Best Content" tab remains in the "Browsing" content.

Note that this decision was made about a year ago and YouTube has stated that it intends to add such pages over time. The goal is to facilitate the search of application content.

It is also worth noting that the mark (common content) has been controversial in the past among creators and they believe that YouTube prefers traditional multimedia content like TV channels, i.e. content from TV channels is preferred to creators.

You can download this version from the App Store and the latest version of the YouTube app for iOS, or download it for Android from the Google Play Store.

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