Apple Mac Pro wheels are more expensive than iPhone SE
Apple Mac Pro wheels are more expensive than iPhone SE

Apple has started selling the latest Mac Pro wheels. If you think the new iPhone SE with a budget is a sign Cupertino is trying to save, you need to revisit it given the bike's price is $ 699. For you there are four stainless steel casters that you can mount on standard feet.

When Apple first launched the Mac Pro last year, Apple supplied these brushed stainless steel wheels with rubber bands to replace the standard metal feet for office equipment, and could be used in a studio or office. Easy to carry.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Mac Pro users have purchased a bike, but it is the first time that it has been offered as a separate accessory. Choose feet to replace traditional feet. Late last year

Please note that Mac Pro wheels are cheaper to buy as part of the device as it costs $ 400 to purchase this way.

For the first time, Apple sold the Mac Pro metal foot kit for $ 299, so you can install four feet of stainless steel on the device to improve stability. If the user wants to bring the wheels the first time he buys a computer, he will not have feet. It must be purchased separately.

Obviously, this accessory is not cheap since you can buy a new iPhone SE and save about $ 200 instead of buying a wheel set. However, the topic here is two completely different targeting groups, Mac Pro price is 6000. Depending on the US dollar, its price can reach the highest specifications of US $ 53,000.

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