Bloomberg: iPhone 5G has a design similar to iPad Pro
Bloomberg: iPhone 5G has a design similar to iPad Pro

According to the Bloomberg report, as part of a comprehensive fall update, up to four new models will be expanded to include 5G functionality. Apple is preparing to rethink the iPhone 5G and learn from the latest iPad design. There will also be two important new extensions for mobile phones.

At least two of the four new iPhones in the iPhone 5G series have a redesigned casing with flat stainless steel edges instead of the curved design today, which features sharper flat sides and rounded corners, for example the current iPad Pro design. .

Apple has also developed a smaller and cheaper version of Smart HomePod, so the new version, while maintaining a similar design, will be about half the size of the original and will be released earlier this year.

The company has also developed a wireless accessory called Apple Tags that allows users to track items such as keys and wallets. Apple plans to add a key ring to the leather leather bags to attach to the items. .

According to the information in the product roadmap, iPhone manufacturers are developing new versions of MacBook Pro, Apple TV, and iMac, as well as updated and cost-effective iPad models.

Because of the interference from the new Corona virus, some new iPhones can start up after a few weeks of normal operation, even if the device startup process is still in the typical fall calendar. Note that Apple and the provider have no significant delays reported. The engineers are expected to travel to China in May to complete the product design.

The report supports rumors that the next Apple iPhone Pro model will include three cameras on the back, while inexpensive phones will have two cameras, and Apple will add a 3D Lidar system that will be released for the first time with the iPad Pro which was released in March. . His leadership paved the way for the development of augmented reality applications.

Bloomberg states that all phones are designed for major processor upgrades that focus on accelerating artificial intelligence and augmented reality tasks while reducing the amount of bumps at the top of the screen that comes with TrueDepth cameras. To get rid of bumps in the next few years.

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