Campark Dash Cam Camera Review
Campark Dash Cam

Dashboard CAMPARK dual camera 1080P
Kampark is recognized by millions of individuals and companies and is a leader in the field of automotive electronics and cameras for the cameras on board. If you are looking for a practical and economical tachograph, this is your best option.

Due to the dual FHD 1080P lens, CMOS sensor, night vision and other key functions, this CD recorder design is stylish, practical, durable and reliable.

1080 pixels
Use the driving recorder at the same time to record in FHD before and after 1920 x 1080 pixels. With F1.8 aperture, you don't have to worry about blurring anymore, maximum protection for your car, driver and passengers.

170 degree wide angle

The front and back camera feature a wide angle of 170 degrees and the entire body is rotated by 340 degrees FHD 1080P, which reduces the reduction of angular obstructions and blind spots.

Super night vision
When the night vision function is activated, night vision in the dark is automatically activated. In addition to WDR and HD 1080P technologies, the drive recorder can also compensate for bright and dark areas and produce clear and accurate color or video images even in environments with poor lighting conditions.

Campark Car FHD Front and Rear Dash Cam Camera
Campark Dash Cam

Emergency lock
In the event of a motor recorder collision, the front and rear cameras will automatically lock the video and avoid video coverage if sudden vibration / collision is detected

Loop recording
Repeated recording replaces old videos automatically, so you don't need to worry about the SD card being too small and not having enough space. (We recommend 32 GB micro SD card with Class 10 or higher rating.)

Parking monitor
When a vehicle is detected, the camera is triggered by a sudden bump, with the continuous camera turned on and automatically recorded. (Due to the power supply in the capacitor, park monitoring mode requires a set of solid wires to work. Contact the camcorder if necessary.)

Bad weather
The Kampage DC20 dashboard is equipped with a super capacitor instead of a conventional lithium battery. It has extremely high temperature and cold resistance (-4 ° F - 140 ° F) and longer life. Long and comprehensive security.
Campark Car FHD Front and Rear Dash Cam Camera
Campark Dash Cam

Campark Car Dash Cam Camera Specs
  • Front and rear dual cameras 1080p P Front and rear cameras simultaneously record 1920 x 1080 pixel synchronization. With the F1.8 large aperture viewfinder, a dash camera provides ultra-clear field of view and files without worrying about lens blur, providing maximum protection for the comfort of your car, taxi or truck.
  • vision Superior Night Vision / Day Vision and WDR Technology لوحة The dashboard camera features excellent night vision and WDR function, providing excellent exposure and excellent dynamic range in low-light conditions. Day or night, the camera automatically adjusts the best and clearest shooting mode to provide you with the most reliable video guidelines that have happened in the past.
  • 170 front and rear wide-angle lenses 170 ° 170 front wide-angle lens 170 ° and the rear lens 170 ° are sufficient to fully capture the front and back track and record the entire front and rear areas 340 and 340. You will not miss anything, remove blind spots from your eyes, and do not blind pedestrians by Wrong, and protect yourself and others safely.
  • Oop recording and built-in G-sensor recording often often solve old videos often, so you don't need to worry about the small size of the SD card and not enough space. In conjunction with the built-in G sensor (acceleration collision sensor), front and back cameras automatically close the video when the driving recorder collides to avoid video coverage when sudden collisions are detected the most reliable evidence and insurance claims.
  • 128 GB port support and reliable reliable customer service Of course, we recommend that you use an SD C10 or higher card, 16 GB or 32 GB, to play the recorder (inexpensive and practical). Original brand cards 64 GB and 128 GB are also compatible

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