UOKIER Security Camera
UOKIER Security Camera

Indoor and outdoor wireless UOKIER surveillance cameras, battery-powered UOKIER cameras, night vision devices, 1080P home security cameras with motion sensors, bi-directional sound, and TF / cloud storage support.

Intelligent PIR motion detection
This external surveillance camera features a 130 ° imaging angle and provides instant motion detection warnings on your mobile phone as soon as the alarm is triggered. To reduce false alarms and consumption, only smart PIR sensors can detect human movements.

Easy to install
There are two ways to install UOKIER wireless surveillance cameras. 1) Pin the metal ball to the wall with a double-sided tape (included) and place the camera on it. 2) Secure the wall bracket to the wall with screws and then install this WiFi surveillance camera.

Two-way audio
The wireless surveillance camera has a built-in speaker and microphone. You can communicate with visitors anywhere on your phone or warn unwanted strangers about leaving the home. This wireless surveillance camera protects your home day and night.

1080p night vision
This surveillance camera records HD images at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, so you can see crisp pictures clearly and capture every detail. The advanced infrared night vision feature can ensure that you can see what is happening in front of the external surveillance camera and protect your family even in the dark of the night.

TF and cloud storage
Home Security Camera supports up to 128GB mini TF card (not included) and cloud storage. We offer a free 7-day cloud storage trial so you can try this cloud service first. With a reliable cloud service, you can access and play video history.

Share with the family
UOKIER wireless surveillance camera helps many users view the previous camera and video at the same time. Only the main account has the right to access the camera and share it with other accounts. Encrypted storage and transfer technology protects privacy.

UOKIER Motion Sensor WiFi Security Camera
UOKIER Security Camera

UOKIER WiFi Security Camera Specs
  • PIR and Motion Detection - External UOKIER surveillance cameras use integrated PIR smart motion sensors. When the rechargeable camera detects motion, someone sends a warning message to your phone like someone is coming to your home. To reduce false alarms, the updated software will not send you a notification unless the movement is a human problem.
  • Wireless & 100% storage - You can install this wireless surveillance camera internally or externally without worrying about annoying wires as it works with 2.4G WiFi with rechargeable battery. To play the video, you can save the important videos to TF card (not included) or cloud storage (7 days free trial) so you can watch these videos anytime, anywhere.
  • Reliable battery performance - UOKIER wireless surveillance camera has two built-in rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 6400 mAh. The camera can operate for 2 to 6 months when fully charged. There is a percentage battery bar in the console application. If the battery charge is less than 20%, you will receive a notification so that you can charge the external surveillance camera in time.
  • 1080P HD and Night Vision - Our wireless surveillance cameras can capture 1080p HD videos at a wide angle of 130 degrees, so you can clearly see every angle in a wider area. In night vision mode, the camera's built-in infrared light can help monitor the 32-foot range, even in the dark night, and can also ensure that an important external camera is not ignored at an important time.
  • Two-way console and audio app - You must download the CloudEdge console app to use this external surveillance camera. You can customize camera settings and use other features with CloudEdge. With the built-in microphone and subwoofer, you can hear audio from the camera side and speak directly to visitors through the camera.

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