Escort Solo 5110 Radar Laser Detector
Escort Solo 5110

With Wireless Escort Solo 5110 Radar Detector, you don't have to worry about locking the power cord. Just turn it on. The detector works with two AA batteries for 40 to 50 hours. Solo Cordless can provide comprehensive warnings for all radar signals (including X, K and Ka broadband). The new advanced 4-bit analog to digital converter circuit can provide high-resolution digital signal processing functions to achieve longer warning distance without generating more false alarms. Solo Cordless contains two laser sensors instead of one. Mute and mute functions automatically remove long-term annoying signals. You can customize this detector with your favorite reading settings, city-mode brightness, brightness, mute, and audio tones.

Solo Cordless comes with two batteries, a manual and an adjustable windshield holder that can be quickly adjusted with additional suction cups. Optional 12-volt power cord. The manufacturer gives a one-year limited warranty.

Escort Solo 5110 Radar Laser Detector Specs
  • It can detect broadband warnings X, K, Ka and SWS.
  • Comfortable wireless design
  • Two AA batteries can be used for 40 to 50 hours
  • Sales are restricted to the United States and shipping to addresses in Virginia and Washington DC is prohibited
  • FCC QKL5110 ID

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