Google launched a website that monitors user actions against Corona
Google launched a website that monitors user actions against Corona

Google launched a new website that uses anonymous identity information collected from users of Google products and services. The goal is to demonstrate the degree of application of social differentiation programs in more than 100 countries around the world.

The COVID-19 Community Mobility Report includes six types of population data trends: retail and entertainment, food and drug stores, parks, public transport stations, workplaces, and homes. In addition to the most recent data collected 48 to 72 hours ago, this data will also change over a period of several weeks, initially covering 131 countries and territories in specific countries.

Google states that data is collected entirely, not separately, and does not display the absolute number of people appearing in parks or grocery stores. Instead, the idea is to set percentages to highlight the potential increase in visitor numbers. For example, early reports show that the retail and entertainment industry in San Francisco County, California decreased 72% between February 16 and park pioneers by 55%, and the number of owners increased by 21% in February and March. The 29th is over.

It is believed that this type of data can help remind the public health of the potential hotspots of emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), especially when combined with other forms that are regularly collected at the local, state or state level the data is used together. It is also believed that this data can help public health officials locate where warnings of social discrepancy multiply.

Despite the expected benefits of the new Google site, privacy concerns about the way Google collects information from users ’websites should be reviewed. As a result, the website confirmed that anonymous summary information from your Location History settings are used by Google Maps and other services that are "disabled by default".

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