Facebook added new interactive options to show interest in the Corona era
Facebook added new interactive options to show interest in the Corona era

Facebook said: As many people in their dormitories are committed to dealing with the new epidemic (COVID-19), which is increasing the use of social networks, Facebook intends to add a new code to the current interaction of users expressing their interest and support outside. Connect with your family and friends.

The "Take care of yourself and sympathy" symbol has a face shape that accepts or beats the heart and appears in conjunction with the current reaction: like love, haha, wow, sadness and anger. With the release of the new supported code, this has become the first since other interactive releases in 2015 that give people more compassion and a quick response to the post.

From next week, the interest icon will appear as a kissing heart in the main Facebook app, and the new interaction will appear in the pulsating heart-shaped messaging app. from today. . You can see a new heart by clicking on an existing response to make changes or create a new conversation interaction.

"We hope that interaction will give these people more opportunities to express their support during the # COVID19 crisis," a company spokesperson for the new Emoji said in a Tweet posted today on Twitter. “We know that this is a mysterious moment, and we hope that people can express their support so that their friends and family know they are thinking about it.”

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