Facebook launches an app to communicate with people close to Apple Watch
Facebook launches an app to communicate with people close to Apple Watch

Facebook's internal R&D department has launched a new app that allows users to communicate with close friends on Apple Watch.

The app called Kit means "stay in touch" and uses a number of QR codes and Facebook Messenger to work.

According to the app's kit description in the app store, starting the app consists of scanning the QR code every hour or entering the access code at fb.com/devices. The user then selects a contact in OpenVPN to communicate with the app.

Using the app, users can send a series of messages with a single click, for example b. Recordings, emoji, website sharing and graphics, similar to the Apple iMessage app on the watch. However, the messages are sent via the Facebook Messaging Service, without SMS or iMessage.

You can also use the app to receive notifications, respond to them, and read contact messages. The idea behind the app is to allow users to stay in touch with friends without having to take out the phone.

Messenger already supports Apple Smartwatches, while Kit app only focuses on close contacts like friends and family. Compared to the messaging app on the watch, this can provide a different user interface and experience, as users have to navigate a small screen to read and reply to messages.

It should be noted that the group app is the latest app called NPE team, published by Facebook's R&D department. The department recently launched "Tuned for Couples". It is also the first app from Apple's smart watch division.

You can download the collection app from the app store, but it is only available on Apple Watch.

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