Fortnite game are first available on Google Store
Fortnite game are first available on Google Store

(Epic Games) company launched (Fortnite) game through the official Google Store system for Android (Google Play). The game was released as an external application that can be downloaded from outside the store and is now (Epic Games) (Fortnite). It can be downloaded from the Google Store. The official site, although it can still be downloaded from the company's official website.

(Epic Games) largely avoided the official Google Store when they launched the Android version of the game (Fortnite) in 2018, and encouraged users to download the game directly from their website to avoid losing revenue thanks to Google - purchasing apps.

(Epic Games) said that this is due to the fact that Google will block external apps by warning users of potential security issues that may not be present and describing all apps that were not released through its store as malicious. Will.

The company said in a statement, "18 months after Fortnite was launched outside the Google Play store, we found that Google blocked it through technical and commercial means (such as recurring security pop-ups and limited agreements) by the manufacturer and its description) Downloading off-store applications for external applications (such as Malware) and new efforts like: (Google Play Protect) Block out-of-store apps (Google Play). "

"We hope Google will review its policies and commercial transactions in the near future so that all developers can access and trade for free with customers in Android stores and Google Play through open services, including open services. These services can also compete," the statement added. "

For these reasons, (Epic Games) said it was the default game and will launch games through the official Google Store, which means that Google will now pay 30% of the in-game purchase cost.

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