Foxconn: iPhone 5G will remain available this fall
Foxconn: iPhone 5G will remain available this fall

Foxconn, Apple's main partner, reassured investors that despite the appearance of the Corona virus, which is causing global turmoil, it may continue to introduce the latest iPhone 5G phones before they are released in the fall.

Investors are concerned about the devastating effects of the virus on industrial production plans in China, and many are wondering whether Apple can continue to progress as usual and release new iPhones in time.

Foxconn, which will account for half of Foxconn's sales, notified investors that Foxconn was experiencing setbacks due to China's domestic quarantine, persistent restrictions on international travel, and other turmoil caused by the Corona virus. But he thinks he can easily make up for lost time.

In a conference call, Alex Yang told Goldman Sachs that Foxconn could set a deadline a few months after the opening of the first pilot pilot line in June.

Foxconn, Taiwan, which has the largest number of iPhones in the world, faced problems most of February after a new spread of the Corona virus delayed the return of thousands of workers needed to assemble iPhones and other electronics in China.

Since then, the company has resumed normal operations, but this took a month, but it dominated the public image and raised doubts about the carefully-defined Apple product launch schedule.

"After a few days lost due to the travel ban, our engineers and customers work to bridge the gap and have the opportunity and opportunity to catch up, but if we have any additional delay, it is necessary to rethink the time Yang said from Foxconn. Start," said Yang from Foxconn.

Foxconn said in a statement that the meeting should express its views on the latest developments in the consumer electronics industry without focusing on a specific product or customer.

Apple is lagging behind Android phone makers like Samsung and Huawei, which started selling 5G devices last year, and imbalances in Apple's complex supply network may slow the arrival of future devices, as beta testing usually begins in early June and starts and is completed. The mass production process will start later in August.

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