YouTube tries to compete with TikTok with shorts
YouTube tries to compete with TikTok with shorts

The YouTube platform is developing a new short video feature called (Shorts) to compete with the Chinese video sharing application (TikTok), which has become increasingly popular in recent months.

This feature will be available in the YouTube mobile app, which will allow users to download short videos similar to Tik Tok in the app and use licensed music from the YouTube Music Library in the Music Library menu. YouTube to create images similar to the short video below. Dick Tok

These songs and music can be used in videos, similar to Tik Tok. It allows users to choose from music, songs, sound clips, etc. Use these sounds to create videos.

The company plans to launch the feature later this year as social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat closely watch the rapid rise of the Tik Tok app. However, YouTube is the first service that considers Chinese app a direct challenge.

Susan Jesske, YouTube CEO, recently said in an interview with NBC News that the company wanted to continue to use the short video feature, saying: "Since very short videos of no more than 15 seconds are definitely more interesting we have to study the entry point ".

She added: "We have submitted reports on YouTube and have seen content producers interact with these reports as an example of short content, so we will continue to innovate in a variety of formats, including short videos."

Tik Tok has grown by more than 125% in the past two years, the app includes hundreds of millions of users, and has downloaded nearly 842 million downloads from Apple and Google App Stores for the first time in the past 12 years, up from last year 15% of the annual salary .

There is no doubt that music-backed short videos have been a huge hit for Tik Tok, filling the void left by Vine and his taste, and because of the massive user base - over 2 billion monthly active users - and from the YouTube Es music licensing agreement it is not surprising that it was possible Make a copy of Tik Tok.

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