Google has abandoned the tipping feature to donate money to sites
Google has abandoned the tipping feature to donate money to sites

The new report shows that Google is developing a feature that allows users to donate a small amount of money to the site while browsing the site to help news publishers, bloggers, and musicians. However, Google abandoned this idea and chose not to develop products to support other activities, although many developers struggle to earn income.

The report shows pictures of how features and tools work with the Google Payments function, and provides readers with a donation of $ 0.25 to $ 5 to help the website raise money.

Although this tool can be a source of income for these sites due to the decline in the advertising market, these sites have suffered from a decrease in income long before the new Corona virus spreads, but Google decided not to implement this idea last year. Develop this idea again.

The company examined it as a new group in the (Google Contributor), a service that allows users to pay about 1% per page to remove ads from partner websites.

The research giant issued a statement saying, "We know that there is not a single business model for all publishers, so it is very important to explore new technologies that publishers can make money with. Advantage of Funding Choices is an example of a product that we've invested a lot of money in. It will continue to grow To support publishers and their sales strategies.

Google has long been involved in helping news publishers and launched the Google One Pass store in 2011, which allows users to subscribe to paid websites. A year later, Google closed and the Google Program started. Contributors in 2014 to allow people. There is a monthly fee to remove ads from partner sites, but they were closed in 2016 and restarted in 2017.

In addition, Google introduced the "Subscribe with Google" feature in 2018, which had some success and enabled users to purchase subscriptions through Google Accounts on participating news sites.

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