Apple: There is no evidence that the email app vulnerability could be exploited on iPhone and iPad
Apple: There is no evidence that the email app vulnerability could be exploited on iPhone and iPad

Apple said there was no evidence that the iOS bug detected by ZecOps earlier this week was used to attack customers, and the company has been responding to allegations of exploiting iOS vulnerabilities for many years. He found no evidence of such activities.

Apple officials released this statement in response to a report published by ZecOps that found that iOS security vulnerabilities affected the official messaging app on iPhone and iPad that was used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. He took advantage of the world. Since 2018.

(ZecOps) said in his report: "At least there has been a gap since the release of the iPhone in September 2012 (iOS 6) (iPhone 5), but Apple sends it to Bloomberg Mark Gorman Mark Gurman.) In his statement, which he posted on his official Twitter account. He says, "This is not true. ""

“We carefully examined the ZecOps report and deduced from the information that these issues did not pose a direct threat to our users. The report identified three issues with the messaging app, but not enough to protect the security. We did not find any issues in bypassing the iPhone and iPad. Proof of use by the customer. "

According to researchers at ZecOps, there are countless targets, including members of the Fortune 500 Foundation in North America and executives from Japanese telecom companies, including prominent personalities in Germany and security service providers. He managed in Saudi Arabia and worked as a correspondent in Europe.

American tech giant ZecOps has objected to ZecOps claim that hackers have been able to snoop on iPhones and other iOS devices for more than a year, and Apple has made clear that this has corrected vulnerabilities in the iOS 13.4.5 experience, released last week.

"These potential problems will soon be solved by updating the program," she said in a statement. She said about the upcoming official version (iOS 13.4.5) and added: "We thank the security researcher's cooperation for the safety of users, and we will thank the researchers for their help."

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