Huawei unveils the first details of the Huawei X65 smart TV
Huawei unveils the first details of the Huawei X65 smart TV

Huawei today released the first details of the Huawei X65 Smart TV, which will be released via a pop-up camera next time.

Richard Yu (Richard Yu), CEO of Huawei, mentioned the company's plan to launch new products at the April 8 meeting, then Vision Smart TV X65 recently appeared in a video leak on a theme poster that had the original version of this release checked. Technical information.

The Huawei X65 smartphone will be launched soon with the Huawei HongMeng operating system, and the TV will be equipped with a 24-pixel camera sensor with artificial intelligence.

The Huawei X65 smart device will also be equipped with an OLED display, 14 speakers on the device support omni-directional sound, and the screen also uses new color technology.

In a recent statement, Richard Yu also confirmed that the Huawei X65 Smart TV will have seamless remote control functions without the need for voice commands or remote controls, as people expect the device to support remote control with gestures.

In addition, Huawei X65's new color technology features a multi-channel sensor that can control the color temperature, color temperature, screen brightness and frame rate improved.

The 14 speaker smartphone for the Huawei X65 smartphone creates a virtual room model by removing it to produce the highest quality spatial sound in multiple directions with better results, and also supports a better awareness of the environment.

Huawei is said to have confirmed that the Hongmeng OS with Huawei X65 TV has seen more improvements that can offer users smoother and more efficient performance.


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