Leak reveals the iPhone 12 Pro camera design
Leak reveals the iPhone 12 Pro camera design

A leak for the following Apple iPhone 12 Pro was recently discovered on Twitter, highlighting the camera's design in the phone, as the camera has a design that mimics iPad Pro 2020, triple configuration and a LiDAR scanner.

A picture of the iPhone 12 Pro has been published on the Choco @ Twitter page. The image belongs to the mobile model monitored in iOS 14, depending on the cause of the leak, and the leak also shows that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max phones offer this design.

The water-based camera settings in the leak include a wide-angle sensor, another with a very wide viewing angle, and another with a telephoto lens. Settings also include the LiDAR 2020 scanner, which is included in the iPad Pro Tablet delivery range.

Some previous leaks indicate that Apple has provided depth sensors for this year's iPhone 12 Series photography.

The image can also see more clearly the camera settings layout in the Apple iPhone 12 Pro to support adding LiDAR scanners in the settings, and depending on the setting, the flash also moves in the middle of the camera settings for the content shown in the image.

According to reports, Apple previously set the official release date for the iPhone 12 series in December this year. However, recent leaks indicate that Apple may delay the official release date of the new version due to the effects of the global halo virus epidemic.


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