Kaspersky explains how to protect cell phones from the Corona virus
Kaspersky explains how to protect cell phones from the Corona virus

In the current health crisis, many emerging country / region related to viruses focus on personal hygiene. Although there are some recommendations that encourage people to wash their hands frequently, the cleanliness of the phone is questionable regarding the size of the box. In this context, Kaspersky seeks to provide some advice on protecting mobile devices from emerging aura viruses.

Security researchers at Kaspersky (Maher Die) believe that even before the new aura epidemic begins, it is frightening to think about the number and types of bacteria present on portable personal devices. Ceramics and plastics in the past few days definitely inevitably require effective ways to disinfect our portable devices.

The virus can reach the phone or tablet in two ways: an infected person coughs to spray near the device, or his hand touches the surface infected with the virus. These could be door handles, ATM buttons, shelves, store products, etc.

The first way to spread the infection is still only possible if someone hands over the phone to the infected person and it is easy for him because the hand-held infection depends on the duration of the infection. The connection and type of microorganism, but there is no reliable data about coronaviruses yet, so more caution is needed.

Maher Yamout said that if he had to go to the store to buy basic items, he would have to sterilize his cell phone upon returning home. It was found that there are many common household products that can effectively remove corona viruses, such as ethanol, isopropanol, and peroxide. Hydrogen and sodium hypochlorite.

Isopropyl alcohol is less harmful to screen coating. Fingers can slide onto the screen without being covered with fingerprints, so it is best to use it for sprinkling, wiping, or as a sterilization wipe.

Unless isopropyl alcohol is present, it is best not to use ethanol and hydrogen peroxide as these products are used frequently, sometimes once, which may damage the anti-grease coating.

The alcohol concentration is preferably between 70% and 80%, because pure alcohol evaporates very quickly to achieve the best sterilization effect, and products with a low concentration reduce the effectiveness of virus destruction, for example alcoholic drinks cannot be used in place of sterilizing. As effective as isopropyl alcohol, since it contains much less alcohol, the disinfectant must be on the surface for about a minute to ensure efficacy.

It is also important, even if it is waterproof, not to sterilize liquid in the charging slot and charging port of the smartphone, immerse the cotton swab in the liquid and wipe the device carefully without force. The page is sufficient.

Kaspersky recommends performing the same sterilization for all other tools used in public places (such as tablets, laptops, smart watches, bracelets, headphones, etc.). However, you should always check the product's website to see if the manufacturer has recommendations for materials and the most appropriate way to clean the device.

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