LG 24MP59G-P Monitor Review
LG 24MP59G-P Monitor

it's a game"! Equipped with LG 24MP59G-P Series gaming monitors. These screens are 24 inches and 27 inches respectively, and offer many excellent game features that can take gameplay to a new height. High-performance gaming features (such as 1ms reduced motion blur and AMD sync) ensure a smooth and responsive gaming experience, while Balanced and Black Balance allow players to improve their gaming experience based on game preferences.

Ultra-clear 1ms game with reduced motion blur
With a 1ms full HD screen while minimizing motion blur, the operator can take advantage of the precision required for a very high reading level. The response time is around 1ms, which reduces opacity and ghosting and makes the movement smoother and more accurate.

AMD FreeSync

FreeSync reduces rip and freeze between the graphics card's frame rate and screen refresh rate. With FreeSync, players can experience seamless moves while playing.

Dynamic business synchronization
Players can discover improved and fast games thanks to dynamic action synchronization. Dynamic action sync is a function that reduces input delay so that the reaction speed when playing in RTS games is faster.

Black Stabilizer
Maintain visibility even in dark scenes. LG Black Stabilizer detects dark scenes and makes them brighter, so you can discover hidden enemies and wait to attack players in the dark.
LG 24MP59G-P Full HD IPS 24-Inch Monitor
LG 24MP59G-P Monitor

Operating mode
Set game mode to improve and adjust game conditions. There are 3 game modes, first-person shooter to preset RTS mode, so you can choose the mode that suits you and the game you want to play

V-shaped support
The V-shaped game screen features an elegant design with a red trim and can be used as part of any player's desktop setup, making you feel at home.

LG 24MP59G-P Monitor Specs
  • 24 inch HD IPS screen
  • Reduce motion blur by 1ms. Windows 10 compatibility
  • AMD Free Sync. Viewing angle: 178/178 (CR ≥ 10)
  • On the control screen
  • 4 common screen refresh rate: 75 Hz

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