Aigoss Car Camera
Aigoss Car Camera
Aigoss Dash Cam Car Video Recorder, 1080P 3 "Full HD LCD Screen Recorder with Wide Angle Function and Super Night Vision, G Sensor Support / Parking Monitoring / Episode Recording / Motion Recording / Motion Recording / Motion Detection

G sensor (emergency lock)
The tachograph is sensitive to G sensor. The tachograph records unexpected driving accidents and turns off the lens automatically in the event of a sudden vibration collision, providing you with important clues. The accident site can already be recovered, then you can get away from scammers and victims.

Cycle recording
Repeated recording means that new ones automatically replace old ones when the memory card is full. You will not miss a moment. You can specify 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes for each file.
Circular registration allows replacing the most recent materials with the oldest materials as soon as the card is full without manual intervention. Never run away again and make sure the SD card is full.

Super night vision
Thanks to the advanced sensors, the camera can record ultra-clear videos in low-light conditions.
The camera can provide adaptive optical sensitivity to improve day and night clarity. It makes night scenes brighter and prevents excessive exposure and is suitable for most lighting conditions.
Due to the shock compensations, serial photo cameras can work perfectly in poor lighting conditions. They clearly understand the license plate, day and night.

3 inch screen
Full HD 1080P display and a large 3 ”screen display road conditions in real time, so you can see every detail clearly during playback and provide a better visual experience. Even when driving at high speed, you can provide clearer videos and photos and play the main moment to give you the best viewing experience.
Aigoss LCD Screen Full HD Car Camera
Aigoss Car Camera

Easy to install
This compact 3-inch camera does not obscure driving and safety options while driving. It is really easy to install. You can install the camera on the window or on the dashboard. If you are not familiar with cars, you may need help.

Aigoss LCD Screen Full HD Car Camera Specs
  • Built-in G-sensor] With the G-sensor function, the camera's camera can automatically detect sudden vibrations / collisions and ensure the integrity of the photos, even with repeated recordings, overwriting can be prevented. He can really recover the scene.
  • Periodic registration Episode With periodic registration you can specify a value to be activated. When the storage space is full, the oldest file is returned and saved automatically.
  • The Full HD Dash 1080P Capture Camera uses a HD FHD 1080P lens and a 3 ”LCD screen for simultaneous recording. Even at high speeds, clearer videos and photos can be provided and the main moment can be reproduced, traffic lights taken and excellent photos / videos provided day and night.
  • Wide-angle lens allows wide-angle lenses to allow for a wider viewing angle. Wide field of view reduces blind spots and captures more detail to preserve the true scene. Six fixed focus lenses provide better light transmission, which makes video recording very clear. He can capture a better view of the ocean and record driving videos on more lanes.
  • Motion detection] When a collision is detected, the continuous camera records and secures the video automatically in real time. Monitor your car for 24 hours. It is kept for 30 seconds and you don't have to worry about being scratched after leaving the car. Tips: For safety reasons, it is recommended not to activate the motion detection function while driving.

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