Russia unveils an application to track corona patients
Russia unveils an application to track corona patients

The Kremlin said on Wednesday that President Vladimir Putin is taking precautions to protect against emerging coronaviruses (COVID-19), and that the Moscow authorities have launched a smartphone app to track down those convicted of staying in their homes. They were the virus.

The Kremlin said: Putin will hold a video conference later today (Wednesday), a day after the doctor who interviewed him announced that his test results indicate that he is infected with a highly contagious virus.

Last week, the doctor (Dennis Protensko) escorted the Russian president to the main coronary hospital in Moscow and shook hands with Putin. Brodenko is now isolated in his office. According to the Kremlin, Putin's health is good: the president now maintains his distance from others and loves to work from afar.

To date, the Russian authorities have expanded the embargo linked to the virus to its vast territory. The number of official injuries rose from 440 in one day to 2777. According to the authorities, 24 people have died in Russia so far.

An official of the Moscow authorities said on Wednesday that the authorities have developed an application for smartphones for people with viruses that officials can use to monitor their activities. The official (Eduard Lisenko) told the radio station (Ikhov Moskevich) that the request would be available on Thursday.

Lysenko said: The Russian capital is also preparing to introduce a QR code system because every registered resident via the Internet is assigned a unique code that can be presented to the police if the police stop them upon delivery. In a store or pharmacy. He added that anyone who does not have a device that can download the tracking app will be borrowed from the city government to return later to the device.

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