Why should I use multiple browsers when browsing the internet?
Why should I use multiple browsers when browsing the internet?

Most users choose a browser for all of their browsing activities. While this makes sense, it is easy for companies and websites to follow you and get to know you closely.

With one browser, many companies can follow from one website to another and access their personal information from the website where you log in using the same browser.

As a result, we have found that a browser-safe method, especially for those interested in data protection, uses a method called the sub-browser section.

The reasons for using multiple browsers are explained below:

How is the browser divided?

When using the (Web browsers) method, follow the rules for the time when a particular browser must be used in a particular activity to use different web browsers for different activities on the same device.

Thus, using a separate browser for your activities prevents companies from tracking data between websites with different credentials, and you cannot use cookies to track web activity between different browsers.

To use this method, you must have at least two different browsers installed on your device. One is a "connected only" browser and the other goes to different sites.

Browsers (call only) are the tools you use to connect to websites that know your name and other information that you provide. However, companies like Facebook and Google cannot link this data to merging browsing, any other information you can receive. You can find information about your visits to other websites in other browsers you are not signed in to.

So if you choose a second browser, you must choose a privacy oriented browser. You can also install ad blocker, or use a hidden browser mode or some other privacy plugin to ensure your data is not tracked on the go.

If you want to divide your browsing activities into several categories, you can also use more than two browsers, for example: use the Google Chrome browser to access all Google services, use the Firefox browser to connect to social media, use the brave browser to search various websites and complete shopping .

 Is it enough to use the hidden navigation mode?

Incognito browser mode provides a false sense of security because it cannot prevent data from being saved on your computer until it is closed. However, it does not protect you from tracking, as in the following websites: Facebook can connect to your computer Tab and browse Follow on another website

Why use browser segmentation method?

Using the browser hash method, you can not only know that your company can follow you through the browser tabs (regardless of whether you are in private browser mode or not), but you can also use the privacy blocker for the websites you use Search without losing the site you want to connect to with it. Occupation.

This way, you will receive data protection and anonymity without sacrificing a comfortable browsing experience or risking your data. If you choose this approach, you must closely set each web browser for its role. The amount of data collected about you.

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