ShieldGPS HVT001 Car GPS Tracker
ShieldGPS HVT001

The easiest way to add reliable GPS tracking to the vehicle in real time. ShieldGPS HVT001 GPS Tracker and USB charger is simply connected to a 12-volt cigarette lighter so you know where your car is and you can hear what's happening inside. It provides the convenience and reliability of a wired GPS tracker, but without cost and installation issues.

In addition, the device provides two active USB ports to charge mobile phones and other small electronic devices. It also detects when the car's engine is on or off.

With the popular TrackSolid IOS, Android and Web apps, you can easily view the vehicle location in real time.

Very suitable for anti-theft and surveillance, employee and driver monitoring, driver behavior coverage and control.

Easy to install
Open the box and visit our website to subscribe, activate, download, log in and start tracking the app!

Unlimited GPS tracking in real time
Unlike other market trackers, ShieldGPS Tracker doesn't limit the frequency of website updates or device usage data. Rest assured that you will get the latest site updates in real time directly from the tracker, without any delay or restrictions. HT1 downloads your GPS coordinates every 10 seconds.
ShieldGPS HVT001 Car GPS Tracker
ShieldGPS HVT001

No battery, no problem
It runs directly from the car's 12-volt cigarette lighter and you don't need to worry about charging or replacing the battery. Sign in and start tracking. You don't have to worry about leaving it for weeks, months, or years.

Live sound
By adding a real-time voice plan, you can call the follower's phone number at any time to secretly listen to what's happening in the car. The device responds and makes sound in real time without instructing the driver.

ShieldGPS HVT001 Car GPS Tracker Specs
  • Real-time GPS tracking: Use IOS, Android and web applications to locate the vehicle in real time
  • Amazing features: The location updates every 10 seconds, creates a geographical environment and alerts the alarm when the device enters or leaves the area, uses the location of operations and its history to locate your vehicle Set a speed alarm during the day, to determine when driving is dangerous. The SOS button reminds someone in an emergency situation to determine when the vehicle is running or stopping depending on the ignition state
  • Simple and smart: just plug in a unique and small 12-volt cigarette lighter, ideal for monitoring, controlling and protecting the driver from theft
  • Subscription required. Unlimited real-time GPS tracking for $ 9.99 / month. $ 14.99 / month (if you want to combine two hours of real-time audio). Including SIM card, data tracking and applications. You can change or cancel the plan at any time
  • Real-time voice: Just dial the follower's phone number to hear what's happening (requires a real-time voice plan).

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