Silver Terrier Gang launches over 2.1 million cyber attacks
Silver Terrier Gang launches over 2.1 million cyber attacks

According to the FBI's annual report on the Internet Crime Complaint Center, commercial email penetration is one of the biggest and most profitable security risks to users. Last year, a commercial email penetration lost $ 1.77 billion. Recently, all losses due to emotional fraud, identity theft, credit cards, phishing and ransomware have been withheld in the same period.

The FBI has published reports of attacks in 117 countries around the world and announced that the global business email penetration has caused more than $ 26 billion in losses in the past three years.

For comparison, it is clear that the known losses recorded due to this threat exceed the total global losses caused by ransomware (Wanna Cray, $ 4 billion) and software (Betia Note, $ 10 billion) dollars.

Due to the seriousness of the threat and its impact on users, due to the large number of email attacks from companies in the region, Palo Alto Networks researchers continue to focus on their research on cyber crime in Nigeria.

These enemy units, known as Silver Trier, have produced over 31,300 malware models that have suffered from 2.1 million cyber attacks.

Since the humble beginnings of these organizations in 2014, these organizations have consisted of many people who have dealt with commercial malware. Data indicate that their number has increased dramatically, including over 480 different entities and groups that we are currently tracking.

Within five years (2014-2019), the Silver Trier group evolved from a group of beginners to experienced cybercriminals.

Based on the latest results from Palo Alto Networks, we found that corporate email penetration attacks on the legal and services sectors increased by 1,163% in 2019.

Although I don't know much about that, this change shows a major change in the target practice for the Silver Trier goal team.

`` In 2019, we witnessed a commercial email penetration with an average of 92,739 attacks per month, culminating at 245,637 attacks in June 2019, an increase compared to 2018. These attacks represent 172%, these attacks are a messaging protocol that reaches 97.8% of the target network and are the most common tools the Silver Trier team uses to attack the network, data theft tools, and remote system management tools.

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