WordPress 5.4 provides faster editor improvements and data protection
WordPress 5.4 provides faster editor improvements and data protection

WordPress.org offers the latest and best version of a content management system (CMS) called WordPress. Version 5.4 contains 122 other ways to bring pages to life, speed up improvements and 210 bug fixes.

Version 5.4, which was provided by 552 volunteers, includes new blocks, clearer navigation, faster editors and improved data protection tools to improve the user experience and expand the data provided when exporting personal data.

WordPress manages over 30% of the web and is a huge system for webmasters and developers to monitor changes in every release, while the new version is named Adderley in honor of American jazz artists. Nat Adderley.

New features in WordPress 5.4:

The new version of WordPress continues to significantly expand the Block Editor. There are two new groups (social icons and buttons) that make adding interactive features and accessing color options on the buttons easier. Cover blocks and text New gradients have been added to the bar, which provide color options in blocks and columns.

In almost all blocks, multimedia mode and replacement in each block work in the same way, and images and text in multimedia blocks can now be linked to other objects and regions to support drag-and-drop images.

The new version provides a clearer user interface, clearer navigation and simpler tabs. If you use the keyboard to navigate, version 5.4 promises better use of tabs with improved focus, and you can almost switch options in the sidebar.

According to WordPress.org, the editor should release 14% faster and write time 51% faster. Claims have been replaced by the Welcome Wizard window, and it is now easy to see that users are in edit or navigation mode.

The development team has improved the user experience through updates, including making it easier to select multiple blocks and install toolbars at the top of the screen on mobile devices.

With regard to privacy improvements, the export of personal data now includes user session information and site data for the community event tool user. You can also check the progress of processing export and survey requests using the privacy tool. WordPress usually guarantees the appearance of the Plus Tidy privacy tool.

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