TigerMom Wi-Fi Router
TigerMom Wi-Fi Router

TigerMom has partnered with Trustlook to develop a reliable, parental, WiFi router product that prevents children from being too dependent on mobile phones and other electronic devices while blocking all kinds of negative information from the Internet, protecting violent porn, gambling and phishing sites on the Internet The physical and mental health of children from irreparable harm.
TigerMom 300Mbps Wi-Fi Router
TigerMom Wi-Fi Router

TigerMom Wi-Fi Router Specs
  •  High speed WiFi: The WiFi speed can reach 300Mbps. This is very suitable for streaming multimedia, online games and surfing the internet.
  • Safe Search: TigerMom uses a powerful automated filtering technology to filter porn, gambling, drug and criminal content that may appear in search results to ensure that only children have healthy content. Parents are no longer concerned about pornography, advertising and phishing sites.
  • Application and Games Restrictions: TigerMom may impose restrictions on the use of 21 popular applications, including Tik Tok, Twitter, Snapchat, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and Facebook, as well as restrictions on the use of games, including "StarCraft" and "World of Warcraft" Etc.
  • Internet time statistics and content access rights: Parents can check time, apps and web services at any time using TigerMom online dashboard. This can visualize children's behavior patterns online, make it easier to manage, and reduce the risk of conflict between parents and children.
  • Curfew: TigerMom sets a curfew for children to help them maintain good sleep habits by locking the device before bed.

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