TOGUARD CE60 Mirror Dash Cam
TOGUARD CE60 Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARD CE60 Rear View Mirror Dash Cam
1080p back camera + 720p front camera or 1080p front camera + 720p back camera can provide high resolution, full screen brightness of license plate number allows you to read your back or back foreheads day and night clearly. Two cameras simultaneously record the forward and backward travel direction to ensure safety in the event of an accident or insurance claim.

Virtual rear view camera and wide angle lens
By default, "Mirror Dash Camera" fills the back screen of the camera when it starts up. This provides the driver with the highest level of confidence and visibility during the backup process. The 170 ° wide angle of the front camera and the 140 ° of the wide angle of the back camera allow you to not miss anything while driving.

Back view angle adjustable
Reverse camera provides automatically adjustable screens at different angles when driving or reversing. You can also manually adjust the viewing angle range up and down for the best view. You can easily adjust brightness by swiping the screen left or right.

TOGUARD CE60 Car FHD Mirror Dash Cam Camera
TOGUARD CE60 Mirror Dash Cam

Compared to traditional mirrors
Compare the new Toguard Mirror Dash Cam with traditional mirrors and see what you've missed! Compared to standard mirrors, blind spots are eliminated and the field of view is widened, especially at night and in bad weather.

Super night vision
The 1080P rear view camera is equipped with an advanced high-definition analog camera (AHD technology) that improves night vision in low-light conditions and prevents excessive exposure to videos while driving and while saving, providing you exceptionally clear pictures at night.

Flexible eyebrow
The front camera can be extended outside the mirror to make the front penetration tape easier to see. The stylish body of the rear view camera fits perfectly into the factory's rearview mirror. Rotate the front camera lens to align it with the street.

Session recording and G sensor
Repeated recording will replace the first available unavailable snapshot automatically to ensure continuous and continuous recording. If you need video instructions for insurance and legal purposes after activating the gravity sensor in a traffic accident, the video will be blocked and recorded automatically during the collision.

TOGUARD CE60 Car FHD Mirror Dash Cam Camera
TOGUARD CE60 Mirror Dash Cam

A stylish look that works like a regular mirror
The Mirror Drive Recorder looks ultra-slim like the original mirror. The screen can be easily fixed with an elastic band in the mirror. You can use it as a regular rearview mirror with the dashboard screen saver or by pressing and holding the power button.

TOGUARD CE60 Dash Cam Camera Specs
  • 1080P 1080P Streaming Multimedia Touch Screen 1080P 1080P Streaming Multimedia Camera has a clear HD IPS touch screen that can display the back screen while driving while providing clear HD video quality day or night.
  • The ultra-wide field of view and OEM appearance of the wide-angle lens can eliminate blind spots and reduce fear of the shot before and after the shot so you can drive without any problems. Due to the original appearance, the mirror drive recorder is fully integrated into the existing mirror.
  • Excellent night vision and safe parking 1080P HD analog rear view camera provides excellent night vision in low light, and the rear view camera screen with instructions can help you secure your parking lot. When driving or reversing, it is convenient and convenient to adjust the viewing angle by sliding your finger on the touch screen.
  • Repeated Recording and G-sensor If the memory storage space is full, then repeated recording automatically replaces the oldest video clip. Once the G sensor is activated, the video is automatically locked and saved if it is suddenly impacted and collided. Cam Dash Mirrors provides video guides for the events captured while recording the events.
  • Easy to install and reliable customer service] Turn off the rear view camera screen and use it as a standard rearview mirror while driving. The front mirror of the mirror is attached to the current original mirror with a rubber band.

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