You can work more efficiently with Microsoft Edge functionality
You can work more efficiently with Microsoft Edge functionality

Microsoft Edge, a Chromium-based browser released earlier this year, is preparing to buy new features, and the software giant has confirmed that it is developing "vertical" tabs and smart copy features. Microsoft wants to use these functions in new browsers to increase your productivity.

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One of the new features in Microsoft Edge is the vertical tab, which moves the tab strip vertically from top to left.

Unlike the traditional tab bar, the vertical tab bar supports drag and drop, so you can easily rearrange active tabs.

This feature is useful for users with dozens of open tabs because when multiple tabs open, the tab display area is small and you cannot see the tab name. So the wrong tab. To close.

"Since I don't see the name of a tab, I accidentally closed a tab, and this page is usually the page I need," Liat Ben-Zur, Microsoft's vice president, Microsoft Edge, told me.

You can use vertical tabs to find and manage multiple tabs at the same time. So you can scroll through the list to see all the tab names. According to the Microsoft Edge vice president’s statement to Microsoft Browser, vertical tabs should arrive in the future. This year.

Smart copy:
(Microsoft Edge) has another feature called "Smart Copy" which is very useful if you are having problems copying and pasting web content (like spreadsheets) into documents and emails, which makes copying and pasting more useful. In the office application.

Microsoft indicated that this feature ensures that pasted text retains its formatting, ensuring that all text is copied in a natural way. When the user copies the template from the website and pastes it into the email using the Smart Copy feature, the pasted form retains the original format and functionality expected to be released later this year.

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