Twitter stops SMS service in most countries
Twitter stops SMS service in most countries

Twitter has disabled the ability to receive text messages with new tweets without notice, and the job has been disabled in all countries / regions that depend on the job (except for some countries / regions) then the originally designed Twitter platform is not used and used by SMS.

Although it is not a big deal for Twitter users accessing the service through an app or website, many people still use SMS to read tweets, especially in developing and non-developing countries. They do not have access to data. The network is simple.

(DansDeals) said it has relied on this feature to inform thousands of readers of new deals in the past 11 years and over the past few weeks more than several million large notifications, and Twitter accounts have been rejected.

This change largely refers to the end of the Twitter era when the service was originally started based on SMS. The initial limit of 140 characters is set based on the size of SMS messages. You must send and receive completely new messages via SMS. Tweet.

For a long time, this was the main way to use Twitter. However, as more and more people buy smartphones and use mobile apps, Twitter gradually pulled out.

For security reasons, the platform stopped writing tweets via SMS last September after the hacker successfully reached the CEO's phone number, Jack Dorsey, and was able to use the SMS feature for tweets through his official account.

A Twitter spokesman said that Twitter immediately limited its ability to send text messages to others. Outside a few small markets, this new update is designed to help users keep their account secure.

The risks associated with receiving tweets (rather than sending them) are unclear, but Twitter wants to exit this feature because ads cannot be shown to people who tweeted via SMS.

A spokesperson for Twitter said: "With the exception of some countries whose use depends on Twitter, we have blocked the rest of Twitter via SMS, and the service will continue to send important text messages to security accounts, such as confirmation codes." People say.

"We deleted accounts registered via SMS because we no longer support technology and because these accounts pose a high risk of penetration. Therefore, the number of subscribers to some accounts can be reduced and we hope people who subscribe to them will believe." Accounts are useful, accurate and reflect active accounts. "On Twitter."

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