Facebook continues to plan for advertising on WhatsApp
Facebook continues to plan for advertising on WhatsApp

Facebook has not abandoned its plan to display its ads in the popular WhatsApp messaging app, and reports have been published that the social media giant will continue to display ads on WhatsApp after the completion of its messaging app standardization plan.

The new details were published in the Wall Street Journal in January. After the company announced in 2018 that it would issue ads for the status feature (WhatsApp version of the story feature), it suspended the ad placement in the WhatsApp plan.

WhatsApp is a service that is used by billions of people around the world. The popularity of the app is due to the fact that it is free and can be run in ad-free mode. Since WhatsApp does not contain ads, Facebook cannot use it. How much does it cost, but he wants to change that.

All Facebook projects, including the social media platform and its Instagram platform named after it, display ads in certain parts of the user interface. However, WhatsApp is still the only service that doesn't display ads. , Even if Facebook had $ 16 billion in 2014. Bought the price.

The report also includes new details about how Facebook implements targeted ads in encrypted messaging apps, as the company uses phone numbers to match Facebook and WhatsApp accounts and to determine which ads to display.

The plan has been controversial within the company, and some executives fear it will lead to the removal of WhatsApp users from their Facebook accounts, and given potential organizational problems, this is also a worrying issue as the company investigates trust.

A Facebook company spokesperson confirmed that WhatsApp advertising in this case is still a long-term opportunity, and that WhatsApp advertising is not coming soon, as the social media giant has said, it will take years to process an existing application. The program integrates messaging infrastructure and it takes longer to integrate WhatsApp.

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