With Skype, you can now place calls without logging in or downloading
With Skype, you can now place calls without logging in or downloading

Microsoft has greatly improved the video calling service on the Skype app and eliminated the difficulties of making calls like subscribing to the service or downloading the app, so users no longer need it. Open an account or download the program to download it to participate in a video conference. Multiple platform.

There is also a simpler interface that allows users to start a video call with one click. With Skype, you can now create a video call by simply accessing the new Skype conference call page and clicking (Create a free conference) to share the video call with other people.

After that, users only need to click this link to join the call. If you have Skype, you can click the "Meet Now" button and create a link that can be shared with others and specify that the participant should choose it. The username can only be specified if he wants to join the call if he does not have an account or a copy of the request.

The service talks about new changes: “You can easily conduct video conferences without saving or downloading them. If you create a one-click free link and share it with others, you can enjoy Skype meetings indefinitely. You can use many features that do not expire the meeting link and can be used At what time.

These features make Zoom one of the most used options to dramatically increase your use of video calls as the new Corona virus pandemic has changed the way people work and communicate with them, but Zoom has found a number of safety and privacy concerns. So some people chose other options.

The meeting chair must have an account to enlarge. In addition to applications that can initiate calls, Microsoft's voice and video chat service said, "We have an easy way to live with you on Skype. Connect with important people without logging in or downloading under the app."

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