Amazon is developing a gaming streaming platform to compete with Google Stadia
Amazon is developing a gaming streaming platform to compete with Google Stadia

A report published in New York showed that Amazon is developing a similar game distribution system for Google platform (Google Stadia) and Nvidia platform (GeForce Now). The company hopes to take advantage of the various advantages of cloud computing technology and remain in the gaming market. weather.

Amazon is trying to open up new areas for activities that drive digital entertainment and is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to become a leader in developing and distributing video games and attracting millions of people to use its system. Integrated service.

In the past decade, video games have become one of the most popular entertainment in the world. Amazon worked tirelessly. By 2020, games are expected to generate over $ 160 billion in revenue, more than double the global music and film industry. together

Since 2014, the company has developed a science fiction fighting game called (Crucible). In addition to the game, the e-commerce giant also plans to introduce another game called (New World). Huge online multiplayer gaming style fits together.

The company has developed a game processing engine called (Lumberyard) and hopes to use the capabilities of cloud computing services to deliver innovative online experiences such as mega multiplayer games in games (New World).

The company was scheduled to release an early version of the platform called Project Tempo with New World last month, but due to the new Corona virus epidemic, the game version was postponed until May.

The shutdown and sanitary isolation also affected the release date of the previous version of the gaming platform, which may not appear until 2021.

The report shows that Amazon worked closely with (Twitch) to provide interactive games in the summer. Players can interact with the audience in real time through gaming technology. The e-commerce giant wants this to compete with strategic game competitors like Google and Microsoft. And Sony.

Google announced its cloud gaming platform (Stadia) last year, NVIDIA also launched its cloud gaming platform (GeForce Now) in February, while Microsoft continued to develop its version (Project) xCloud.

"Our efforts are related to using Amazon and integrating it into games. It's been a long time, but creating games is taking a long time. Time, and we have used a lot of Amazon experience to create games," Mike Farazini, Amazon's vice president of games and studio services, told the New York Times.

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