YouTube limits the spread of the false corona virus 5G theory
YouTube limits the spread of the false corona virus 5G theory

According to the British "The Guardian" report, YouTube clarified that it will reduce the number of recommended videos for users on its platform. The platform launched four more attacks on the phone tower within 24 hours and spread false allegations about 5G and emerging corona viruses.

She added that she will actively remove videos that violate her guidelines, but will allow other conspiracy content (5G) to remain on the site without reference to the new Corona virus, so these videos may lose advertising earnings deleted and deleted from search results.

In the UK, at least seven cell towers were burned last week because online conspiracy theory incorrectly revealed a link between cell towers and coronavirus and epidemic, and one of the constellations was not a 5G network.

"We have a clear policy prohibiting videos to promoting uncoated medical practices to prevent emerging coronavirus instead of seeking medical care. We will post videos that violate it, remove quickly," a YouTube spokesperson told The Guardian. Politically. "

The spokesman added that the platform started to reduce suggestions for specific content, such as conspiracy theories and halo viruses associated with 5G networks, which could mislead users.

Vodafone said that the attack targeted two cell towers in its tower and two of the dungeons shared with (O2) and attacked three other cell towers last week.

British professional boxer (Amir Khan) was the youngest celebrity to share the theory in a series of Instagram videos, and Michael Gove described the theory as dangerous nonsense. Recommended by Woody Harrelson. And Amanda Holden.

"The telecommunications industry is working tirelessly to maintain vital health, education and emergency services, as well as to maintain business management and contact with friends and family," Mats Granred, General Manager of GSMA for the World Telecommunication Industry Authority, said in a statement.

He added: "We regret that the basic communications infrastructure has been attacked with lies. We urge everyone to trust the health authorities and ensure the security of communication technologies, and there is no communication between (5G) and the Corona virus."

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