Apple and Google prohibit tracking in the Corona Tracker app
Apple and Google prohibit tracking in the Corona Tracker app

Apple and Google said on Monday that they will block the ability to track locations in applications that use the new contact tracking system, and that they are building the system together to slow the spread of emerging aura viruses (COVID-19).

Last month, two American companies, which own about 99% of the smartphone operating system market, announced that they would work together to develop a new technology for tracking contacts by letting users choose a system to index others. Neighboring phones. To slow the spread of the virus.

The two companies said they will work together on a technology that allows mobile devices to exchange information over a Bluetooth connection to warn people when they are approaching HIV-infected people (Covid-19).

The two companies plan to allow only the public health sector to use technology. They said the main goal of the technology was to maintain secrecy and prevent the government from using the system to collect information about citizens.

The two companies previously said that the technology will not track the user's location or identity, but will only collect data when the user's cell phone is close to each other and decodes the data. The data on the user's mobile phone rather than the servers of the two companies.

Google and Apple said on Monday that they would allow only one application per country to use the new communication system to avoid decentralization and promote wider adoption. You said that you will support countries that choose a governmental or regional approach.

The two companies plan to release the final version of the technology in mid-May after the test is completed. The technology is provided as a software tool provided by health authorities that can be used for communications tracking applications. However, they also plan to integrate tracking technology directly into Android and iOS in the coming months, so users will not have to download apps to warn them when they are exposed to HIV.

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