Google begins integrating Meet with Gmail to compete with Zoom
Google begins integrating Meet with Gmail to compete with Zoom

Since some users see the Read (dead) link in the right column of the Gmail interface, Google has started integrating Gmail’s Meet Video service.

Meet service is available to G Suite Business and Education clients part-time. However, Google announced last week that the service was intended to provide service to anyone with an account. Google is free and allows many participants. There is no time limit for the meeting to reach 100 participants.

Google is trying to compete with Zoom Video Conferencing Service with this step. The service has grown significantly in recent weeks, and according to statistics, the service (Mitt) and (Zoom) differs from certain functions, for example by limiting only the meetings Google users visit. There is no association for a meeting in the world, as shown in (Zoom).

It is worth noting that Google is not the only company that stands out from (Zoom), as Microsoft (Microsoft) also competes with Skype and Teams services, as the number of teams increased. "The company said that the number of daily users reached 75 million users last week.

Regarding the service (MIT), according to Google, the number of users increased daily with 3 million new users daily. As a result, the average daily number of participants in service meetings exceeds 100 million.

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