Apple bought NextVR for $ 100 million
Apple bought NextVR for $ 100 million

Apple has confirmed the completion of the acquisition of NextVR, the company known for providing virtual reality content, with a total acquisition value of $ 100 million.

In the near future, NextVR completed the acquisition and joined the tech giant, where NextVR is one of the startups known to experience virtual reality content thanks to the request submitted in real time.

As we all know, NextVR can provide a virtual reality experience for events and events that require a live broadcast of virtual reality in real time, including PlayStation, Oculus, HTC, Lenovo and Microsoft. It was also previously known to show new ways for VR companies. .

The content provided by NextVR is combined with special sports events broadcast on CNN News or sports events such as NBA and NASCAR.

It is worth noting that NextVR is one of the startups established in 2009 because it registered 26 patents aiming to capture, delete, transfer and display virtual reality content.

On the other hand, Apple has not officially announced the value of the acquisition, but the leak confirmed that Apple had bought NextVR for $ 100 million. Apple and NextVR began notifying employees of new changes to the acquisition.


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