Google Chrome blocks ads that drain battery
Google Chrome blocks ads that drain battery

Google has announced that the Google Chrome web browser will block ads with massive resources from the end of August, for example, b. Ads and ads that indicate programming errors in cryptocurrencies and ads that have not been optimized for network capacity. Advertising: battery life and money will be lost.

Google Chrome users don't need to download annoying ads, and these ads don't place an unnecessary burden on the processor without the user's knowledge. You spend more time, strength, and performance disproportionate treatment for life. Bandwidth.

There are three possible thresholds for blocking ads:
  1.     4MB network data.
  2.     Use the processor continuously for 15 seconds within 30 seconds.
  3.     The total processor utilization time is 60 seconds.

According to Google, 0.3% of ads exceed these limits, but at the same time they account for 27% of the network data that ads use and 28% of all processors used for ads.

"We recently found that a small percentage of ads consume a large proportion of device resources such as battery and network data without the user's knowledge," the search giant said.

"Google Chrome limits the resources that an ad can use before the user interacts with the ad. When the ad reaches a threshold, the ad frame is moved to the error area indicating that the ad has been deleted and the details are clicked, the user will be informed. A lot of resources have been used."

After Google joined the Better Advertising Alliance two years ago, the world's most popular browser includes an integrated ad blocking tool, and the company sets a benchmark to improve the advertising industry. The prevailing ad.

The browser blocks all ads, including those owned by Google or displayed by Google, as well as on websites designated by alliances, which display incompatible ads. In addition to ads, Google also uses a browser blocker to correct abuse.

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