Apple launches iOS 13.5 with two features Corona
Apple launches iOS 13.5 with two features Corona

Apple today released iOS 13.5 with two new features, Corona Virus and Pandemic (COVID-19).

The job of the American tech giant has been changed in the new version of the system. This feature includes Face ID unlock to facilitate unlocking the phone when wearing a mask. Another function is support (Apple-Google). The two companies also announced their first releases today.

In previous versions of iOS, when a user wore a mask and tried to access the phone with a facial ID, he had to wait a few seconds before the iPhone tried to expose his face before being allowed to enter the password. In iOS 13.5, when a user scrolls with a mask at the bottom of the screen, the option to enter the password is displayed immediately.

IOS 13.5 also supports the Apple Google API, which allows mobile devices to exchange information over a Bluetooth connection. Alerts when approaching a person with a virus (Covid-19).

Later, Apple and Google plan to integrate this technology directly into their phone's operating systems to warn users even if they don't install any special apps on their phones.

With today's software update, users can also disable the functionality in FaceTime calls, which automatically adjusts the size of the participant window when the user speaks.

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