YouTube adds a feature that asks you to stop watching when you sleep
YouTube adds a feature that asks you to stop watching when you sleep

YouTube added several benefits to digital luxury in 2018 to help users manage their use of the service. Today, the service is expanding the mobile app with new functions that can be used to send sleep time reminder notifications.

With the sleep time reminder feature, the YouTube app forces users to stop watching videos every day at certain times. The user can specify the start and end time and the notification can be modified so that the viewer is not interrupted at the end of the time. In addition to excluding and rejecting reminders, users can also delay them for 10 minutes.

You can access this feature in several ways: Go to the YouTube app, go to Settings and remind me when I go to sleep, or set it on the Watch Time page.

YouTube's New Sleep Timer remembers reminders after 15 to 180 minutes. According to YouTube, 3 billion of these notifications have been sent in the past two years.

Other premium digital features from YouTube include the ability to track minutes or hours, daily notifications to be incorporated into a scheduled summary, and the ability to turn off sound and vibration alerts at specific times.

YouTube app users can use this memory and bedtime memory in the coming days.

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