Coolpad Launches COOL10 for $ 125
Coolpad Launches COOL10 for $ 125

The Chinese company Coolpad has announced its new COOL10 smartphone, which has a very low price compared to the specifications.

The phone has a Helio P30 processor with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The phone is used programmatically with the COOL UI 9.0B user interface, which is based on an unspecified version of the Android OS.

Cool10 provides a 6.51-inch screen with an 8 MP front camera outage. Although the screen resolution is not limited, it should be 1,520 x 720 pixels due to the price of the phone.

On the back of the phone there are three cameras. The main resolution is 16 MP with a 1: 1.5 lens, not to mention the accuracy of the second and third cameras. However, they do have imaging capabilities with artificial intelligence. The fingerprint sensor is installed on the side of the phone. It has a 4,900mAh battery.

The phone can be purchased from Jingdong Chinese store in three colors: blue, black and white. The price is only 125 dollars. The campaign begins on June 12.

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