This image causes your smartphone to be disabled
This image causes your smartphone to be disabled

If you set this image as wallpaper on a smartphone, it can be turned off and the phone will not work as the problem has been reported by Ice Universe on Twitter platform and confirmed by dozens of other users.

This image was tested on mobile phones (Mate 20 Pro) and Google Pixel 2 and was immediately deactivated after setting the image as wallpaper. Although the phone was constantly tested, the command was not executed successfully because the phone continues to reboot. At the bottom of the security code screen, the Pixel 2 displays a message that the phone is not active. The startup process cannot be started and provides a retry option and then a factory reset option.

By resetting the smartphone to factory settings, the Pixel 2 is reset again. However, this of course means that all data on the phone will be lost. Many users have reported this image on Twitter and (Sebastian) posted a video explaining the problem.

It's unclear why this is so, but since the image appears on many branded devices, including Google, it might conflict with major Android issues. It is also possible that this image is specially designed to help exploit the current Android security vulnerabilities.

We do not recommend anyone setting it as a smartphone wallpaper. However, if you have this issue, make sure it can be used normally after the smartphone is reset to factory settings.

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