Due to privacy concerns OnePlus camera filter has crashed
Due to privacy concerns OnePlus camera filter has crashed

The Chinese company OnePlus has announced in its official account on the Chinese blogging platform (Weibo) that it will temporarily disable the camera filter on the latest flagship phone (OnePlus 8 Pro) after users discover that it can be used to display certain types of content for research. Clothes and plastic similar to X-ray.

Although the company indicated that color filters cannot penetrate thick materials, it has apologized for posting privacy issues and causing problems for OnePlus and other Internet users.

The Chinese company released the OnePlus 8 Pro phone in April, but last week more and more people became interested in camera functions.

Ben Geskin said on Twitter that the filter could be used with the black plastic cap on the Apple TV, and the YouTube user (Unbox Therapy) noticed that he could even wear a very thin black shirt to see him. .

The filter appears to work by detecting infrared light that is not visible to the naked eye, and cameras that can see infrared light have many professional uses, for example b - Allowing firefighters to see smoke but they see smoke on them. Consumer devices such as uncommon. smart phone.

A Chinese publication (Weibo) has indicated that OnePlus will temporarily disable the filter by updating a program that can be released within a week. However, it is not clear what changes the company plans to make before resuming work.

Oneplus confirmed that infrared penetration is very limited. "In everyday life, most things, including clothes or fabrics, are not transparent," said one of the company representatives.

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