Facebook announces the new Facebook Shops service
Facebook announces the new Facebook Shops service

Mark Zuckerberg, President of Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) today announced the new Facebook Store service, which facilitates the process of listing company products on Facebook and Instagram.

The company said that free provided Facebook stores would allow him to create product listings on his Facebook page, Instagram profile, stories or ads. In the future, companies will also be able to use the service to sell products to customers via chat functionality in WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct. You can also categorize products on Facebook and Instagram live streams so customers can click on the poster and wear it on the product order page.

The company used to allow companies to list products on Facebook and Instagram, but Facebook stores allowed it to download indexes instantly to make it easier to access them through many Facebook apps.

"With this app, it's an easy and consistent experience, which means it's easier for people," Zuckerberg said in a live view on Facebook. "Of course this means its small size, and the company will get higher conversions and more sales," he added.

The Facebook Store Service is part of the company's growing efforts to support the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic during the epidemic. Zuckerberg said: He personally participated in the development of this service.

Zuckerberg said on Tuesday: Small companies make up the majority of Facebook's more than 8 million advertisers. Although the service is free, it will encourage small companies to participate actively in the organization. Since the epidemic began, the company has announced a $ 100 million grant support plan for small businesses that enables small businesses to sell gift cards directly to consumers via Facebook.

Zuckerberg said: In the long run, Facebook stores and other e-commerce products can help him increase ad sales. He added: "Our business model here is advertising, so we know that if a business is of value, then the business usually wants to provide more for advertising, rather than imposing commercial fees from work." He added: We will earn money this way. ""

Although the "Facebook Store" allows companies to list their products on Facebook, in most cases users are forced to leave Facebook and visit the company's website to complete the purchase. Only companies that participate in Facebook Checkout (a program that Facebook tests as part of the calling system) can perform transactions on social networks. Facebook charges sales fees for sales at checkout, but the amount or type of fees have not been revealed. Because this program is still in the testing phase.

The company claims to be working with partners like Shopify, BigCommerce and others to support small businesses. Facebook said: It will open Facebook stores today (Tuesday) and expand in the coming months.

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