Facebook disables many iOS apps
Facebook disables many iOS apps

According to many reports on the Twitter platform and reports from users on the Downdetector website, many iOS apps run longer than three hours on Wednesday. They explained that (Spotify) and (TikTok) as well as Pinterest, Tinder and other applications were affected.

The cause of this problem is the Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK) used to perform login functionality for many applications. Some developers have reported SDK issues with a topic on GitHub.

A Facebook spokesperson said: "Today's new version of Facebook includes a change that has caused some users to crash some apps that use the iOS SDK. We quickly discovered and resolved the issue, and we apologize for any problems.

In addition to company log-in functionality, technology developers also rely on the Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK) for advertising statistics. The developers mentioned that the iOS SDK from Facebook connects to the Facebook server every time the user opens. Linked app.

The problem is that the SDK expects the server to respond in a specific format, the Facebook server did not provide a response on Wednesday, and the Facebook SDK stopped unresponsive from the server, which also destroyed all of those used apps.

Users can be affected by the crash without having to log into the app via Facebook. Facebook obviously changed it, causing the SDK app to crash, but Facebook fixed the issue and got the app back to working properly. as always.

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