Sony has announced that the WF-SP800N wireless headphones
Sony has announced that the WF-SP800N wireless headphones

Sony today launched a new version of the wireless headset called Sony WF-SP800N, which can be activated by reducing active noise, has a lifetime of 26 hours and costs $ 200.

Sony WF-SP800N wireless headphones now feature ANC or active noise reduction, and they support standard IP55 water and dust resistance when using wireless speakers for long periods of time playing music while playing sports or jogging. The lifetime of the wireless speakers can also be well supported.

Sony also today introduced wireless headphones with additional bass. Sony WF-SP800N also features an in-ear design and supports tuning by tuning the mount that supports wireless headphones. This makes them fully compatible with the user's ears.

In addition, the Sony WF-SP800N headphone weighs 9.5 grams on each side, therefore the weight is very high and the wireless headphone can be controlled by touching both sides of the headphone. The amplifier contains compatible audio that is supported by the configuration file. The sound can be adjusted while running, walking, or other movement modes.

Sony launched the Headphones Connect app for smartphones on Android and iOS, where users can adapt audio playback to their favorite experience and pairing is supported via Bluetooth 5.0.

Sony WF-SP800N earphones feature a noise reduction function of up to 9 hours. Without the noise reduction function, the life of the device can be up to 13 hours. Depending on the activated noise reduction function, the charger charging time is from 9 to 13 hours. Charge the device for 10 minutes to extend its life and charge it for about an hour.

In addition to blue and orange, Sony WF-SP800N is also available in black and white and can be purchased today for $ 200 on Sony's official website.


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