Facebook has a new chat program that can compete with Google Meena
Facebook has a new chat program that can compete with Google Meena

Facebook has released a new open source chat icon for AI research on GitHub - claiming to be able to show compassion, knowledge, and personality in interacting with people and depending on the community. Blender has bypassed open chat dialogue, which has been formed, including 1.5 billion examples of human dialogue training.

The social media giant has said that 49% of people prefer to interact with automated chat software than other people, but experts say using platforms like Reddit for AI training has its advantages. Disadvantages.

During a long conversation, some questions arose. (Trademark) sometimes responded in an abusive language. Sometimes the facts changed completely. Researchers hope other models can solve some of these problems, and a Facebook spokesperson said: "We believe modeling is essential to obtain a comprehensive picture, and the function is reliable."

Dave Coblin, CEO of The Envisioners, said Blinder was a step in the right direction. He said, "Although Reddit is a good platform, you'll find that dialogue-based training algorithms will bring in a lot of value."

Experts point out two basic problems that must be overcome. The first problem relates to the subtle complexity of reproducing human features, such as the ability to speak, the skills most children under the age of three experience, and the second problem relates to the use of data and results. Form.

Facebook has compared Blender's performance to the latest version of Google's chat robot (Meena) and introduced two sets of conversations, one led by (Blender) and the other by (Meena) '' a wide range of topics, including movies and music.

According to Facebook, 67% of people who followed the conversation believed that Blender was more humane than Meena and that his chat robot was the result of years of research involving compassion, knowledge and personality in one system.

The social media giant said, "We accomplished this using a new formula of automated chat software that includes improved decoding technology, a new set of skills, and a model with standards of 9.4 billion. First. A. There is a cat robot in a system that includes many chat skills, and no One of the biggest open challenges the world faces is building an intelligent robot for cats that can chat like humans.

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