France accuses Apple of refusing to help with the application of StopCovid
France accuses Apple of refusing to help with the application of StopCovid

France accused Apple on Tuesday of stopping the fight against the Corona virus by refusing to make the iPhone more compatible with StopCovid to continue the planned connection. Countries are speeding up the development of smartphone apps that can better control the Coronavirus. The new arrivals reopened the economy.

The app uses Bluetooth, which allows the phone to interact with nearby devices to see when users communicate with people who may be carrying the virus.

When users aren't actively running the app, Apple devices usually block Apple access to Bluetooth, and French officials want Apple to change settings so their apps can access Bluetooth again. They said plan to make the app work. Apple refused.

"Apple was able to help us improve the application on the iPhone, but it does not want that," French Digital Technology Minister Cedric O told BFM Business.

He added: "We regret that at a time when everyone is mobilizing to fight this epidemic and that the large companies that have achieved good economic victories have not helped the government in this crisis."

As one of the many security concerns that arise when countries try to provide smart anti-virus applications for smartphones, France and some other countries want to keep contact information in a central database for these reasons to help authorities track suspected coronavirus cases.

Apple and Google, the two companies responsible for running operating systems on almost all smartphones, want to store data on their phones. This is out of government control and designed to better protect user privacy. The French minister said he could not explain why Apple made this decision. Via Bluetooth.

He said: "We believe that monitoring the health system and controlling the coronavirus is the responsibility of the government and not the main American company." He added that regardless of Apple's status, the app should be ready for release on June 2, and the app will start testing this week. The country will start lifting the ban on May 11.

Data from market research firm Kantar shows that Apple's mobile operating system accounts for 21.1% of the French market in the first quarter of this year, while Google's mobile operating system grew 78%.

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