Facebook launched a new app to interact with live events
Facebook launched a new app to interact with live events

Facebook launched a new application called Venue, which was designed to make live events more social.

Venue has created a Facebook research and development team called the NPE team. According to TechCrunch, Facebook's goal was to replace Twitter, which has become the most popular chat method for broadcasting live shows.

Although Twitter allows one of its users (usually using event tags) to join the conversation via Twitter, Venue offers a more structured experience because the criticism mainly comes from a small group of expert commentators, such as journalists or athletes. When audiences participate in conversations or polls, the focus should be on specific moments.

To make it easier for your viewers to focus on one screen at a time, this is clearly an effort. When new digital events interact with them, they receive notifications through the app. Facebook described the important event as a "moment" and said: (A moment) will happen if the place's host believes something unforgettable or interesting has happened.

This is the third new app released by the NPE team this week. On Wednesday, the team launched Collab, a TikTok-inspired app to support music collaboration. There is also Catchup, which is an audio call app to coordinate conference calls.

The Venue app can now be downloaded for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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