War worsens ... Twitter hides Trump's tweet because he outlines the violence
War worsens ... Twitter hides Trump's tweet because he outlines the violence

Last Friday, for the first time, Twitter hid a tweet from US President Donald Trump, proving that it was reasonable to say that the tweet had breached its rules by beautifying violence, according to the statement. From the president. In other words, the authorities have the right to shoot thieves during the ongoing protests in Minneapolis, USA.

Twitter's decision to conceal the tweet aims to exacerbate the dispute between Trump and technology companies, especially as Trump signed a list threatening social media companies in Silicon Valley with the new provisions of freedom of expression. Expression. The company has verified facts related to the unconfirmed allegations of the risk of email spoofing in its tweets hours and hours after signing the logo in contravention of Twitter.

The decision was taken after George Floyd's death in cities across the United States, which led to racist unrest. In the video, a black man searches for a white policeman choking his knee to raise his leg because he can't breathe.

Trump said in a hidden Tweet on Twitter: "... these thieves have offended the memory of George Freud. I will not let that happen. I just spoke to Governor (Tim Falls). Tell him that the army did it from the heart. If there are difficulties we will control all Something but when the journey begins the shooting will start. Thank you! ". Twitter also hid the tweet, which was later released on the official White House account and repeated the news.

Trump, who has more than 80 million followers on Twitter, has accused the company of targeting him and other inspectors. He threatened to introduce new regulations against Internet companies and urged Congress to repeal the "Article 230" law that protects online platforms from tracking content.

Trump's messages can only be posted after clicking the following notification: "This Tweet violates Twitter's rules of beautifying violence. However, Twitter believes that posting this Tweet may be in the public interest.

A Twitter spokesperson said: CEO (Jack Dorsey) has been notified of the decision to hide Trump's tweets before applying the tags. The decision is based on the policy proposed in June 2019, and the company said that the decision was applied to the tweets of Brazilian Cabinet members last April.

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