Facebook launches TikTok's inspired Collab app
Facebook launches TikTok's inspired Collab app

Facebook's internal research and development team, the NPE team, released a new app called (Collab) to introduce a new approach to the collaborative music industry by bringing content producers and fans together. Start with the music, create, watch, mix and mix original videos.

The giant Collab owner on social media has once again focused his energy on the videos, and although some elements of the new app are inspired by the TikTok app, the difference is that all the videos posted on Collab are mixed and linked to other videos.

In addition, Facebook (Collab) was developed to produce original music videos today, which distinguishes it from other video applications (including (TikTok), (Dubsmash) and (Triller)) that allow users to download popular songs that can generate music content It can be accessed via the application menu.

Although he's focused on music, he doesn't have to be a talented musician to post on (Collab) where he can share with simple things. Then the musician can use this video with its content.

Creators can record collabs or swipe to discover music tracks to create new tracks, or what Facebook says (Collab).

One video takes only 15 seconds. Facebook doesn't want the new app to become a professional platform for the music industry, but it hopes to use it for entertainment and experiences.

Facebook said that creators can share these creations on other platforms like Instagram or Tik Tok, but after posting the content on (Collab) for the first time, it added that it was working on backups of videos created with (Collab) without initial options Video options Published in general.

Facebook tried to emulate the TikTok app in the past, but it failed, especially when it comes to the reels feature on Instagram and the standalone app (Lasso). The social giant vigorously monitors startups that could interest the user.

Facebook said: Collab has been developed for a few months, but due to the prevalence of the coronavirus, it can now be launched immediately as part of a global family ban program and can be subscribed to (Collab), provided that the American owner of the iPhone is also available in Canada.

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